Health Home Enrollment Process

  1. Enrollment Process in WSA
  1. Health Home Partners will review that client meets eligibility requirements, as identified in BHH handbook, discuss program and services with client, complete required forms and recommend enrollment through the WSA.  Provider will attach completed enrollment packet in PDF form including; 
  • MDHHS 5515 
  • BHH Consent with enrollment date
  • Care Plan
Please note that changes have been made to the BHH Enrollment Documents to account for the use of the Waiver Support Application.  Please use the revised documents, which can be found in the Knowledge Base section of the NMRE help desk at:

  1. NMRE will confirm that client has Medicaid or HMP, is not enrolled in another waivered program and has an address within the region. NMRE will review that all enrollment forms are complete and that clients meet clinical criteria to enroll in BHH. 
  2. NMRE will Approve, Send Back or Deny the request. When the enrollment is approved,  NMRE will create the authorization in RECON for the S0280 service.
  3. Once the enrollment is approved, the Health Home Partner will have access to beneficiary information such as Case Info/Demographics/Counts within the WSA.
Enrollment Document Changes

 MDHHS 5515 –  must include the Waiver Support Application under Section 2b: Sharing Information Electronically and have client check box to “Share my information through the organizations listed below with all of my past, current and future treating providers.”  

  • For Enrollment Consent form language has been added that indicates “Your behavioral health and physical health services will be shared with other potential Health Home members through a secure system available only to those providing services.”
  • BHH Care Plan Template – fields have been added for Medicaid ID, Client SSN, Phone and Address.  Please verify and include current address for the client.
  1. Disenrollment Process in WSA
  1. Health Home Partners will recommend disenrollment in WSA and select reason and include any comments.  Disenrollment date will be the effective for the last date of the month that client received a BHH service.  In comments please indicate clients last BHH service date. 
  2. NMRE will review request and Approve, Send Back or Deny the request. NMRE will enter the BHH discharge in RECON. 

For technical assistance within the WSA, please refer to the training guides, videos and manuals that will be posted under the Training Tab within the WSA.

For questions about BHH enrollment, client eligibility or services, please use the NMRE ticket system at

Creation date: 10/26/2020 3:24 PM      Updated: 11/2/2020 2:33 PM