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Being that we now know that substance abuse is a disease that can actually be found in chromosomes, and identified as "predisposed" I am curious, if this question or thought has ever been thought of before. Being that I was a fireman in the USAF, the best way to stop a fire is to prevent is from happening. That being said, with the technology that we have today, with swabs for felons, to get DNA, I am wondering, if every baby that is born in the United States, like any other disease, the baby is tested for all kinds of diseases,  and what the baby maybe PREDISPOSED to. My question is this, why wouldn't every baby born in the United States, be tested if they are predisposed to substance abuse? The babies that are, the parents could be notified of characteristics, and other behaviors, to expect, and to avoid in raising a child who is predisposed to substance abuse. I really believe that when the child reaches, the age of 12-13, and the parents, had the cornel knowledge, of the possibility, of their children having a greater probability, of getting or becoming addicted at a faster rate then of others, the prevention for these children would not only be able to be more focused and more helpful, but would possibly, give the youth, a fighting chance and some tangible, reasons for not ever picking up their first mind altering drug. The prevention that could be achieved is monumental, not only from the age of 1 on, but their could be a magnificent amount of behaviors and prevention type child -teen interventions, and preventions created exclusively for these children born with this predisposition to addiction. I feel that even if a grant could be achieved to try out his idea, I truly believe that we could cut the use of predisposed, children by 25%. If I knew that I had a predisposition, to substance abuse, when I was in my early childhood, and teen years, I know that I would have not been so quick to pick up my first mind altering substance. This would not only empower the parents but would also empower the very predisposed chidden themselves. Through education, when you have a knowledge that you personally , have a greater chance of a negative response to something, it has to curve the behavior at least 25%. This would be a huge combative tactic against a killer who has taken 28% more Americans this year then last year. With drugs out their now that that can kill you with a single use, and with the numbers, gaining steam at this rate, prevention is not only a great deterrent but could be a life savor. 

Thank you,

David M. Core CADC 

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